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Dear Bruno, Mark, Carlo, Rachel, and The VisionFest gang,

You put together a truly wonderful festival this year. My only regret is that I had such a short period of time that I could be in New York. Nevertheless, I am very happy to have seen the few films that I did and to have met several of you guys and some of the filmmakers. I hope that I make something worthy enough for next year's festival.
Many thanks...

Boris Undorf "Sonata"

Thank you for creating such a great festival. The films were excellent and it was an intimate setting for the filmmakers which is especially nice so that we could get to know each other and exchange information we can use to assist each other in the future. I hope you can keep to your serious mission. There is so much room and interest in the NYC community that you can really soar.
All the best...

Martha Pinson "Don't Nobody Love The Game More Than Me"

Thank you for a great festival experience. You all did an excellent job as we were thoroughly impressed with the organization and execution of the festival screenings and events. We look forward to submitting future projects to your festival.
Very best...

Doug Stewart "Peter"

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful festival. Your festival is a class act. I gave your name to Guy Smith who contacted me about our film. He is starting an independent film festival channel in January, highlighting festivals around the world. I told him yours was the one to watch.
Thank you again and have a wonderful summer...

Dana Gedrick "Can I Explain?" (Producer)

We would like to be involved again in the future. Your communication and organization was terrific.
Thanks for everything,

Robert Sharman "Living With Lou"

Thank you for accepting my film. You guys did a great job with filmmaker liaisons, updates, and contacts. These great traits are what put the filmmaker at ease. All the best to you and hopefully I'll be able to submit again one day soon.
Best regards...

Chris Drechsler "Miracolo"

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for you constant support and friendship. My experience at VisionFest is one of the best of my life and I will hold it at the forefront of my memory for years to come. Please keep in touch and let me know of any future projects or events that perhaps we can work on together. Again, thank you and keep doing what you're doing.

Nyle Cavazos Garcia "Clean"

I really appreciated being included in your festival and I had a great time at your fest and in New York. I enjoyed the screenings I went to and saw some very interesting and cool pieces. It was great meeting all of you and some of the other filmmakers. Your enthusiasm and commitment to indie movies was inspirational and made me glad that I flew out there. Thanks for your support of SCREAM QUEEN and I hope we all cross paths in the future.
Best and keep up the great work,

Tatiana Bliss "Scream Queen"

Thank you so, so much for welcoming me into your festival and family. l cannot remember the last time l was treated with so much respect, warmth, and grace from everyone involved . You are all truly top shelf . l was very impressed with the entire operation. The award was like a cherry on top, wow. Thank you again, l am looking foward to working with you in the near future.

Frank Lewallen "All Nighter"

Thanks for showing my film. I love it that you all have as much interest in your work as any filmmaker does in theirs. Thanks again. For your amusement, I also make sunglasses. I have a website with lots of pictures at, and an ad in the back of BUST magazine.

John Hansen "Pope Leo Electrocutes An Elephant"

The festival was really well produced and the vibe was great. I met some very nice people as well. In fact I was sorry that I couldn't make to many more of the screenings. Thanks again for a great experiece.

Gerrit Vooren "Sweet Antony"

Just wanted to say thanks for a great showcase for Nyle's project "Clean". It was fun to fly in from Los Angeles and see the movie, and then see the film so well received!!! You guys did a great job putting on the entire festival. Thank you for taking the time to help out small budget films like ours.

Jon Salzman "Clean" (Director of Photography)

It was truly a pleasure to be a part of VisionFest 04. Thank you, not only for giving us the opportunity to screen among so many other excellent films, but for honoring our little movie and all we tried to accomplish. We look forward to hearing from the Domani Vision Society regarding any NYC screenings and events.

Warmest regards,
Allegra & the "Rocketscience" Team

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