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Wed, Sep 17 2008, 8:00 pm - Opening Night Program 01, 01A, 01B

Me us
Directed by Thomas Klieber, 4 mins
A little eerie gothic tale about love, fear and death.
Pic Six us
Directed by David Breckman, 17 mins
Twice a week, Evan buys a lottery ticket for Vic, the big dumb psychopath he works for down at the local pizzeria. Vic always plays the same numbers: 1-2-3-4-5-6. Evan knows the odds of Vic winning are next to impossible, but when he blows off buying Vic's ticket one da... more
The Marconi Bros. us
Directed by Marco Ricci; Michael Canzoniero, 82 mins
For the past 5 years, 3 months, and 26 days, (not that they are counting) Anthony and Carmine Marconi have been dutifully serving out life sentences in the family carpet business. Fate intervenes during a routine carpet installation when the brothers step into the world ... more

Thu, Sep 18 2008, 7:00 pm  Program 02

Butterflies us
Directed by Andy Bailey, 16 mins
While all of his classmates bring amazing circus animals to show-and-tell, Patrick's only contribution is a small, shy hermit crab. After standing awkwardly in front of his class, Miss Hansen sends him to the school nurse who reveals to Patrick an x-ray of the butterflies... more
My Longest Day us
Directed by Matthew Steinhart, 18 mins
My Longest Day is a humor-filled documentary of one young man's struggle with his father's cancer diagnosis. Matthew Steinhart traverses his family history, the scientific aspects of cancer and surgery, and the impact the latter can have on the former, all the while ... more
Family Karma us
Directed by Joshua Barnett, 6 mins
The story of a father, his two sons, and the injuries that connect them.
The Awakening Fire: A Buddhist's Prayer us
Directed by Barry Berona; Greg Daniels, 22 mins
In the spring of 2007 the Shinnyo-en prayer ceremony for World Peace was opened to the public for the first time. People from all over the world attended this 'Saito Homa' fire service. "The Awakening Fire: A Buddist Prayer for Peace" offers a fascinating glimpse i... more
Just One Year us
Directed by Joy Clausen, 43 mins
Joy Clausen thought she had it all. She had been a successful dolphin trainer for five years, had obtained a Bachelor's Degree in two and a half years, a Master's Degree in one year and was on her way to becoming a filmmaker. When she turned twenty-five on September twent... more

Thu, Sep 18 2008, 7:30 pm  Program 03

Check Please us
Directed by Larry Ziegelman, 5 mins
Meeting her boyfriend's parents for the first time could not have gone any better for Julie. And then the check comes.
CU@ED'S us
Directed by Casey Stangl, 13 mins
Tina and Tadd attempt a face-to-face after meeting online. Real conversation proves harder than texting and soon they are sitting in silence. Suddenly Tadd throws caution to the wind - literally - and Tina joins him in a little good natured vandalism. With the ice brok... more
Preamble us
Directed by Vivian Tse, 11 mins
Claire arrives to help her friend Olivia pack up her apartment for a move. But as the truth behind Claire's visit unfolds, it's clear that by the end of the visit, three lives will change forever.
Rachel us
Directed by Chris King, 14 mins
When a suburban couple finally meets the pregnant young woman whose baby they are going to adopt, they are left with haunting and unforgettable memories of her forever. Based on a true story.
Blinders us
Directed by Donald Moss, 53 mins
Throughout the year, tourists from around the world travel to Central Park to ride in one of New York's legendary horse-drawn carriages. Yet the future of this industry is the subject of a highly charged debate being aired on the streets, in the press and at City Hall. ... more

Thu, Sep 18 2008, 9:15 pm  Program 04

The Ladies us
Directed by Christina Voros, 13 mins
Before the Hungarian revolution Vali and Mimi had separate lives: the elder was a bohemian costume designer, the younger a pragmatic tomboy who drove a taxi. After nearly losing their lives in a Russian work camp the sisters escaped to the US and began rebuilding their li... more
Vaccine Nation us
Directed by Gary Null, 90 mins
From the award-winning director of The Drugging of our Children, Prescription for Disaster, Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own, and AIDS Inc. - comes the latest film of critical social importance: Vaccine Nation. Most believe... more

Thu, Sep 18 2008, 9:30 pm  Program 05

Why Do I Exist us
Directed by Woody Woodhall, 5 mins
Why Do I Exist? is a question posed to strangers on the streets of Los Angeles. Using juxtaposed images and using dialog to drive the musical score this ambitious experimental short seeks an answer to the inanswerable.
Kaleidoscope us
Directed by Ricardo Martinez, 7 mins
A young soldier, alone and bored in his rainy jungle outpost, recalls through a nightmarish and "kaleidoscopic" montage how past and present tend to connect and at the same time tries to reach his own conclusion with the sharp simplicity common to people at war. Kale... more
Moon Cake us
Directed by Marty Stano, 7 mins
An eccentric being harnesses the light and energy of the moon to create a glorious cake- a moon cake- that he sends to Earth where characters dance and fight to obtain its magnificence. Anything goes on the night of a full moon!
Hot Flash us
Directed by Sarah Knight, 40 mins
It all began in the late'70s when school teacher Gaye Adegbalola begged computer programmer and part-time musician Ann Rabson to give her guitar lessons. She finally relented, and the two eventually started performing at night as a duo. Saffire officially formed in 1... more
Ed Hamell: Rant and Roll us
Directed by Kate Valentine, 45 mins
A celebration of the day to day life of a journeyman musician through fast-moving, often-hilarious performances on stage, backstage, and behind the wheel driving from one venue to the next.

Fri, Sep 19 2008, 7:00 pm  Program 06

Portal us
Directed by John Bush, 8 mins
PORTAL, choreographed by Nadine Helstroffer, was filmed during Christo and Jeanne Claude's installation, the Gates, in Central Park, New York City. In a landscape muffled by snow and lit by saffron-colored portals, three dancers stir in the wind - emerging, dissolving, m... more
A Letter to Colleen us
Directed by Andy London; Carolyn London, 9 mins
Andy London has been haunted by the events of his 18th birthday for years. In this short animated film set in the early 90's, he writes a letter to Colleen in an attempt to put his demons to rest.
An Alternative to Slitting Your Wrist us
Directed by Owen Lowery, 82 mins
What if every single person in the world took a year out of their life to do all the things they've always thought about doing? Start and finish a movie, make someone's dream or wish come true, spray-paint an inspirational message on city property, burn their regrets to t... more

Fri, Sep 19 2008, 7:30 pm  Program 07

Woman In Burka us
Directed by Jonathan Lisecki, 21 mins
A darkly comic look at the life of an actress and the types of Middle Eastern roles available to her in a post 9/11 culture. Sarita is up for the coveted role of an Iraqi rape victim's ghost in a new film. No one has seen the script or knows whether it's a seriou... more
Let Others Suffer us
Directed by Todd Peters, 87 mins
Todd finds a flyer for a feminist film festival on the same day he finds a book by the renowned documentary filmmaker, Ivan Libragi. Newly inspired, he reaches out to Libragi to help him in his quest to make an epic film about the women in his family. Libragi finds Todd... more

Fri, Sep 19 2008, 9:15 pm  Program 08

The Naked Hitch-Hiker us
Directed by Eleanor Lanahan, 29 mins
The Naked Hitchhiker is an exquisitely rendered animation by first time filmmaker Eleanor Lanahan. The viewer is drawn into the rich emotional mindscape of a woman coming to grips with destructive patterns that dictate her emotions. Reeling from a crushing marital breakup... more
Begging Naked us
Directed by Karen Gehres, 70 mins
Elise Hill left her suburban New Jersey home in 1976 at the age of 15. As she crossed the George Washington Bridge that night, she turned a trick for $30. She had no plan, but knew she wanted to make it to Union Square then known as Needle Park. It was in Union Square... more

Fri, Sep 19 2008, 9:45 pm  Program 09

Horizon Diner us
Directed by Joseph Crockett, 3 mins
Bending the laws of optics, time, and space, 'Horizon Diner' charts new territory in the world of 3D computer-generated animation. In a little All-Night Diner, Albert is fed up with waiting to order and sets out to get some answers. Fastidious and precise, he's not used... more
The Dark us
Directed by Nyle Cavazos Garcia, 20 mins
Sylvia wants what every young woman wants, to find true love and live happily ever after. When she meets Jack, a true gentleman who sweeps her off her feet, Sylvia believes that he might just be the man of her dreams. However, Jack is not who he seems to be and his inte... more
Breast Pump & Blender us
Directed by Elizabeth Gorcey, 12 mins
Lizzie, a new mom has everything, a loving husband, a two week old beautiful baby girl, nice home and an enigmatic au pair. Lizzie's reality seems to be warping, slowly unraveling playing havoc on her sense of reason. She begins to act impulsively driving herse... more
Bloom us
Directed by Lance Larson, 13 mins
The only things standing between a Rent-A-Cop and true love are the guard dogs on a used-car lot.
The Cereal Aisle us
Directed by Johnny Roc, 5 mins
Draza sketches in his local coffee house. His ex-girlfriend unexpectedly walks in. Do these two still have feelings for one another?
California King us
Directed by Eli Akira Kaufman, 21 mins
A mattress salesman, who employs faux science to get female customers into bed, falls for a skeptical insomniac who knows her science better than her heart. Funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation which supports films about real science instead of science fiction.... more
Creating Discourse us
Directed by Clint Litton; Alexander Newton, 28 mins
A young, reclusive photographer named Claudio discovers a compelling bond with the enigmatic Lena, who has just returned home for a short break from big city life. He is initially guarded, having been hurt by a previous relationship that has left him wary of putting his ... more

Sat, Sep 20 2008, 7:00 pm  Program 10

The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato's Allegory in Clay us
Directed by Michael Ramsey, 3 mins
An excerpt from Plato's Republic, the 'Allegory of the Cave' is a classic commentary on the human condition. We have adapted and brought it to life by shooting over 4,000 still photographs of John Grigsby's wonderful claymation. The look was achieved by use of candlelight... more
Pea Vs. Carrot us
Directed by Ben Hicks, 5 mins
An intimate peek into the lives of a young couple. Pea vs. Carrot is an excerpt from Ben Hicks' first feature length script 'Kids go free to fun fun time' which will begin shooting in Tokyo in 2009.
Maine Story us
Directed by Nina Chernik, 24 mins
Maine Story is a film that portrays a portrait of a town as much as it does its characters. I wrote this story to speak about how sometimes we can get stymied in our life's path and may not even be aware of it. I wanted to speak about a person who desperately needed to... more
A Life in Hashistan us
Directed by Tonya Dreher, 66 mins
Long before 'Taliban' and 'Al Qaeda' hijacked our image of Islamic fundamentalism, the Pashto region of Afghanistan housed an ancient sect of devout fanatics, the Hashshashins. Their drug-induced belief that heaven was a paradise filled with willing virgins inspired them ... more

Sat, Sep 20 2008, 9:15 pm  Program 11

Mysterieuse us
Directed by Samantha Olschan, 3 mins
Under the dark of night, a mysterious leopard arrives by boat to a village on a small island. The villagers, afraid, flee this foreign creature, all except for one: a local girl. As the leopard climbs its way to the top of the highest mountain she follows curiously. Sudde... more
Jeffrey us
Directed by Russell Costanzo, 15 mins
As he does every weekday morning, Jeffrey awakens to get ready for work. His routine is calculated and peculiar. Everything needs to be done in a particular way including leaving the apartment on the moment of an exact new hour. Unfortunately, this morning is not going ... more
Yesterday Was A Lie us
Directed by James Kerwin, 89 mins
A groundbreaking new noir film, YESTERDAY WAS A LIE is a 'fresh and stylish tale of intrigue and metaphysical darkness' (Ain't It Cool News). Award-winning writer/director James Kerwin 'offers up a magnetic force with endless repeat value' (Film Threat) that teases the b... more

Sun, Sep 21 2008, 7:00 pm - Closing Night & Awards  Program 12

Me us
Directed by Thomas Klieber, 4 mins
A little eerie gothic tale about love, fear and death.
Some Of An Equation us
Directed by Burke Roberts, 8 mins
An 8 minute film executed in all one shot - about just how very very bad things can go in only a few minutes.
God's Ears us
Directed by Michael Worth, 110 mins
Noah Connelly (Michael Worth) is a boxer with a tireless opponent: Autism. Living a life unnoticed in the city of Oakland, he by chance crosses paths with a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants exotic dancer named Alexia (Margot Farley). Her transient approach to men creates a ... more
VF08 Independent Vision Awards  



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