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Dandelion  Dir: Jackie Liao  5min  (Experimental) – NY  (
Life is just like dandelions. When the wind comes, they leave, but they won't disappear. They are just going to a new place to start a new life...

Night Falls  Dir:  Krisztian Majdik  12.5min  (Narrative Short) – CA  (
This is the tale of a seven year-old boy whose child-like innocence is thrust amidst the cruelties of the Civil War.

Broken  Dir: Alan White  92min  (Narrative Feature) – CA  (
Deep in the LA night, Hope (Heather Graham) confronts all the wrong turns she's made since leaving Ohio and ultimately meets the biggest wrong turn of all in her ex-boyfriend Will (Jeremy Sisto), who's determined to win back her love or die trying.

Rapt  Dir: Sara Joel and Jody Oberfelder  5.5min  (Experimental) – NY  (
A very pregnant woman rolls into water, into the world of her unborn child.

Pop Rocks  Dir: Alex Lubliner  15.5min  (Narrative Short) – NY  (
What if your obsession was the only thing that could save you?

Beyond The Call  Dir: Adrian Belic  82min  (Feature Doc) – CA  (
In a Mother Teresa meets Indiana Jones adventure three middle-aged men, former soldiers and modern day knights travel the world delivering life saving humanitarian aid directly into the hands of civilians in some of the most dangerous yet beautiful places on Earth, the front lines of war.

Tune In  Dir: Mandana Talieh  1.5min – CA  (
A 1970's psychedelic scene. The message is to 'tune in' to your inner Self wherever you may be.

Snake  Dir: Becky James  3min – NY  (
The film chronicles a failure to deal with growing up while using its extremely appealing characters and sounds to glorify the obdurate attempt to replace what is lost.

In The House Of The Sin Eater  Dir: Paul Kloss and Mathew Acheson  18.5min – NY  (
Narrative short that creates an alternative world with miniature sets and marionettes created from found objects.

For Annie  Dir: Andy Collen  7min – OR  (
An animated postcard and farewell from the mind of Edgar Allan Poe. The transportation of our spirit from the physical world comes with our fondest memories.

Sycamore Eve  Dir:  Evan Viera  7min – MA  (
An imaginative and captivating short film about a young girl's effort to protect her planet's most sacred resource.

Dear Beautiful  Dir: Roland Becerra  15min – CT  (
The sudden appearance of exotic flowers in New Haven spawns an unprecedented epidemic that threatens to destroy the city.

Nasuh  Dir: Anya Belkina and Ken Calhoun  8min – NC  (
A lecherous bath-house worker overcomes his carnal desires when hit by a spiritual revelation.

Startle Pattern  Dir: Eric Patrick  13min – IL  (
The interior space of a puppet becomes increasingly reflective, revealing the artifice of his own creation.

The Old Man And The Seal  Dir: Michael Clark  1.5min – NY  (
A comical Arctic adventure.

School Of Yoga  Dir: Mandana Talieh  1.5min – CA  (  
A Wise Dog character is the guide who takes you through different stages of connecting with your 'self'.

Puppet  Dir:  Patrick Smith  6min – NY  (
Through an escalating series of torture, a possessed sock puppet embodies fear and willful self-destruction.

Deviation  Dir: Jon Griggs  6min – NY  (
Macintyre, an online-game character and member of a four-man counter-terrorist squad, attempts to break out of the cycle of futile violence that has been his sole existence.

Saul Goodman  Dir: Jim Connell  27min – MA  (  
Three short stories between two total strangers reveal one deadly lie.

Flash Banner Contest Winner  Dir: Scott Gelber  2min – PA  (
A stop-motion animated three-dimensional photo cutout film, with a life-size armature reciting a poem.

For The Want Of A Nail  Dir: Frank Lewallen  11min – NY  (
They say no news is good news. But for Linda Culpepper, whose husband is fighting in Iraq, every day is an unending journey of uncertainty and underlying fear. (OUT OF COMPETITION)

AIDS, Inc.  Dir: Gary Null  113min – NY  (   
This is a documentary that shakes the AIDS tree to its foundation. This is the in-depth, uncensored, unexpurgated documentary that lets dozens of quality voices go on the record to share their views on AIDS.

Jim The Rapist  Dir: Shandor Garrison  12.5min – NY  (
Jim and Annie are in bed, sharing sexual fantasies for the first time.

The Doorman  Dir: Wayne Price  80min – NY  (
The glamorous, jet-set lifestyle of New York City's most powerful nightclub gatekeeper goes into an abrupt and awkward tailspin when he loses his job, but fails to inform the documentary crew following him.

Line Dance  Dir: B.E.F. Oakes  3min  (Experimental) – NY  (
Animated film that matches the movement of calligraphic lines to an original musical composition.

Syzygy  Dir: Chiara Adorno and Tracey Bergrud  5min  (Experimental) – CO  (
Interplay of three beings; two women and a blood-red rose, what it means to deal with death  other unspoken things.

Quake  Dir: Peter Shanel  18min  (Narrative Short) – NY/CA  (
13-year old Toby Fisher’s life is starting to rift at the seams. A troubled kid growing up in a troubled house, Toby seems to be taking care of his absent mother and rebellious sister. When scientists announce the discovery of a new fault line running through his neighborhood, Toby takes protecting himself and his family into his own hands.

The Indypendent  Dir: Amy Wolf  14min  (Documentary) – NY  (
An intimate, comical short that unfolds the creative process behind producing a radical, award-winning newspaper in the media capitol of the world.

Pilgrimage  Dir:  Tadashi Nakamura  22min  (Documentary) – CA  (
Inspiring story of how an abandoned WWII concentration camp for Japanese Americans has been transformed into a symbol of retrospection and solidarity for people of all ages, races, and nationalities in our post- 9/11 world.

Other People’s Children  Dir: Beth Miranda Bothshon  42.5min  (Documentary)  – NY  (
Three immigrant nannies shed light on the various challenges they face taking care of other people's children in New York City.

The Eyes of the Panther  Dir: Michael Barton  23min  – CA  (
A young woman's refusal of her lover's marriage proposal turns out to be for his own good as mysterious events surrounding her birth are revealed. As Bierce's first chapter heading reads, 'One Does Not Always Marry When Insane.’

Olyver Brody  Dir:  Robert Muraskin  17min – FL  (
If Olyver Brody falls asleep, he will die. But staying awake means luring young children into the woods and the clutches of a deadly witch. When Olyver encounters his newest victim, a young girl, the two set off on a journey of redemption.

The Sisterhood of Night  Dir: Jeffrey Moss  17min – IL  (
Young girls in a small midwestern town have formed a secret nocturnal society and taken a vow of silence. But when one girl breaks her vow, damage is done and the girls' silence leads to outrage throughout the town.

Deleted Scenes  Dir: Ryan Gielen  23min – NY  (
Two ex-friends reunite to record the Director's Commentary for their hit indie film, five years after its release and their subsequent falling out.

Jesus Cooks Me Breakfast  Dir: Jason Antoon  25min – NY  ( 
Jules, an unmotivated New Yorker, gets a surprise visit from the son of God. While preparing breakfast, Jesus reveals that God is missing and he wants Jules to find him. With relationship problems weighing on him, will Jules be able to motivate and take on this monumental task, or will he fall back into his miserable modern existence and ignore the king of kings?

Canta Succubi  Dir: Christopher St. John  5min (Experimental) – CA  (
This afternoon-dream music video was created to accompany the Outgrabe song “Canta Succubi.” Featuring a combination of animation and footage shot in Cuba, it takes viewers on a journey, a visit to death, and ultimate redemption.

EEE Funk  Dir: Hunter Fine  3min  (Experimental) – CA  (
A stop-motion animation music video for the LA indie rock band, Sputnik Monroe. Constructed with over 6,000 picture cut outs of the band and the leading characters, it was made over a period of 3 months. The end product is an animated realm that's never been seen before.

The Little Gorilla  Dir: Harry Kellerman  12min  (Narrative Short) – NY  (
A boy must find the courage to climb a tall and scary jungle gym. In the shadows of looming NYC skyscrapers, and an older brother who lacks faith, the Little Gorilla must unchain the King Kong within.

Walking Out On Love  Dir: Beau Yarrow  20min  (Narrative Short) – CA  (
When Jenny isn’t running her family, she’s running her band. Neither one could exist without her. But when her band is given the opportunity of a lifetime, Jenny must make a decision that will change her life.

Off Duty  Dir: Vijay Mathew  65min  (Narrative Feature) – NY  (
An Indian cab driver in New York picks up a wealthy customer who seemingly destroys the driver's life savings. While attempting to restore his lost money, the driver starts to question his unwavering duty to his family that he hasn't seen in several years. After his money is finally recovered, he begins to sever his ties to his family.

4 Pints  Dir: Justin Dillard  3min  (Trailer) – NY  (
What happens when a man must destroy others' lives to save his family?
(Teaser Trailer for project-in-development titled 'Four Pints' – OUT OF COMPETITION)

Hollow  Dir: Paul Bickel  9min  (Narrative Short) – CA  (
Dark and disturbing journey through a young boy’s troubled pathology and ultimately ends as a poignant story of a broken family and lost innocence.

Storage  Dir: Mark Roush  9.5  (Narrative Short) – OR  (
Kathy gets accidentally locked overnight in a storage facilty and must wait until morning to be let out. That is, if the building lets her leave.

The Lycanthrope  Dir: Lucas Peltonen  9.5min  (Narrative Short) – NY  (
After waking up in bed next to an eviscerated female corpse, Jonah is convinced that he is a flesh-eating Werewolf, so he asks his best friend, Harris, to kill him in order to prevent the slaughter of any more innocent victims.

Days of Darkness  Dir: Jake Kennedy  84min  (Narrative Feature) – CA  (
As if ripped from the headlines, the world watches as a comet looms over the earth for days. The masses were told ‘there is nothing to worry about’. It was a lie! An eclectic group of survivors huddle together and battle for their only chance to survive against the uprising of the undead while trying to save the fate of mankind.

The Woman In The Eye  Dir: Rachel Lears  8min  (Documentary) – NY  (
Combining playful archival material with street videography and intimate interviews, this experimental documentary short explores the advertising takeover of urban space in New York City.

The Tribe  Dir: Tiffany Shlain  18min  (Documentary) – CA  (
An unorthodox, unauthorized history of the Jewish people and the Barbie doll... in about 15 minutes.

Karma Café  Dir: Eben Kostbar  10min  (Narrative Short) – CA   (
A coffee shop cashier instills confidence in a lonely, young man seeking love. Are they the words of The Wise or simply acts of coincidence?

The Wine Bar  Dir: Christian Remde  11.5min  (Narrative Short) – NY  (
When blue-collar Henry orders a beer in a snooty wine bar he offends everyone and has to defend himself and the woman sitting next to him.

Entry Level  Dir: Douglas Horn  85min  (Narrative Feature) – CA  (
A former chef (played by D.B. Sweeney) tries to start over in Corporate America at age 38, interviewing for entry-level jobs. A comedy about starting over the bottom.

Tis The Season  Dir: Bob Giovanelli  5.5min  (Narrative Short) – NY  (
A little girl mistakes a Hasidic Jew for Santa Claus.

Her Best Move  Dir: Norm Hunter  100min  (Narrative Feature) – CA   (
High School is crazy enough, but for fifteen-year-old soccer sensation Sara Davis, it's about to get even crazier. With National Development Team scouts watching her every move, Sara must juggle life, love and the opportunity of a lifetime.

Chronicles of Impeccable Sportsmanship  Dir: Erika Tasini  (Narrative Short) – CA  (
A little girl, her parents, a ball.  The endless contentions between two competitive parents, seen through the curious eyes of a perceptive and enterprising little girl.

Cantata in C Major  Dir: Ronnie Cramer  11min  (Experimental) – CO (
Six-hundred-five film clips are assembled and used to create a piece of electronic music.

pretty in the face  Dir: Nate Meyer  90min  (Narrative Feature) – NY  (
Dispirited by an overwhelming sense of inadequacy, Maggie’s (age 26) sexual curiosity leads her through a series of precarious decisions. Daniel (14), overweight and insecure, resents his mother’s obesity and worries he’s destined to for the same fate. United through tragedy, they help each other recognize the ways they sabotage their potential.

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