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Almost Home Dir: Christopher St. John. 4min. (Animation) CA
This darkly dreaming black-and-white animated music video was created to accompany the North American college radio hit, "Almost Home," by the San Francisco band, Outgrabe. 

Available Men Dir: David Dean Bottrell. 15min. (Narrative Short) CA
A Hollywood agent (dispatched to sign a 'hot' new writer) and a sensitive gay man (waiting for a blind date), mistake each other for the person they were expecting to meet. Hilarity ensues.

Belinda's Swan Song Dir: Alicia Witt. 16min. (Narrative Short) CA
A musical theatre singer takes the stage for her final performance in this 16 minute one-woman film.

Beyond Babylon Dir: Christie Davis. 6min. (Doc) CA
Past and present blend to examine the true cost of war.

Bodies and Souls Dir: Christie Herring. 16min. (Doc) CA
Sister Manette, is a white Catholic nun running the only health clinic in rural Jonestown, Mississippi. Through intimate observational scenes of her with her patients, the film profiles her humble labors "to help save bodies, so that the souls can come alive."

Bread Squeezer, The Dir: Kasia Kowalczyk. 19min. (Narrative Short)
When Andrew's loving parents die in a tragic Christmas tree accident, he is taken in by his well meaning, but extremely regimented, Aunt Gertrude Crab. Without the warmth of his mom and dad, young Andrew leads an unremarkable life full of chronic disappointments. Until one day, when everything goes horribly wrong and horribly right in the bread aisle of Pickles‚ Grocery Store.

Breaking News Dir: Brian Malone. 70min. (Doc) CO
Forces collide between the big business of TV news and journalistic ethics. Watch in great detail how TV reporters scramble to report on every tawdry detail of the Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant trials, trying to pass them off as news. This film chronicles the vast resources the modern media corporations pour into these cases for ratings and dollars.

Chutzpah, This Is? Dir: Rick Kent. 35min. (Mockumentary) CA
The world's first ever Jewish Hip Hop Supergroup struggles to overcome internal strife and make the music video that will save their record deal.

Circus of Infinity Dir: Sue Corcoran. 10min. (Narrative Short) WA
Baby Violet, a human cannon ball, takes the circus stage for the first time. But where is the net that will catch her from her fall? This is the existential core of the film that leaves the audience with more questions than answers.

Coat of Snow, A Dir: Gordy Hoffman. 75min. (Feature) CA
When a girl takes her video camera to her cousin's bachelorette party, the night begins as a gathering of friends, but small accidents lead to serious injury, missed connections tailspin into chaos, until the party finds the bride has fled.

Copperhead Road Dir: Ian Ogden. 15min. (Narrative Short) NY
A raw and truthful look at the all too common abusive actions of a law enforcement officer who sets out to teach a drunk driver a lesson she won't soon forget. Based on a nationally publicized true story.

Devil's Detail Dir: John Jordan. 21min. (Narrative Short) CA
Someone is in the basement, making noises in the night. Again . . . and again . . . and again.

East River Skimmer Dir: Patrick Duggan. 1min. (Narrative Short) NY
A jogger along the East River stops overwhelmed by the garbage in the river. What will he do?

Ed I Hide Dir: Len Peltier & Suzanna Laine. 28min. (Narrative Short) CA
Eddie has had a fight with his girl. He heads to the woods to escape the conflict. But can he get away when the conflict is within?

Faith of Joey Rail, The Dir: Matt Robertson. 7min. (Narrative Short) TX
Little kids, big questions, and the time in between.

Flavor Dir: Paul Lipsky. 2min. (Experimental) NY
A visual representation of minimalist music where variation and building textures are analogous to plot and theme.

Full Disclosure Dir: Douglas Horn. 16min. (Narrative Short) CA
Everett decides to reveal every terrible habit, attitude, and hang-up on the first date. Shockingly, women don't respond as he'd hoped...until he meets Brinn, who's willing to play his game and try for full disclosure.

Grace Dir: Paul Solet. 5min. (Narrative Short) CA
A woman decides to carry her dead unborn child to term, but when she delivers, the power of maternal will unleashes an unspeakable horror.

Hombre Kabuki Dir: Leo Age. 10min. (Narrative Short) CA
Lust, trust, and lucha libre. Lovers enact a game of duping and disguise with a Mexican wrestling mask.

Interlude, An Dir: Nicole Widmyer. 6min. (Narrative Short) CA
This is a cinematically lush glimpse into the quiet world of an elderly woman. She escapes her lonely routine with sensuous memories, until a disturbing dream prompts change.

Kill Your Darlings Dir: Ben Price. 7min. (Experimental) IL
An experimental film revolving around the idea of sacrifice, which takes a closer look at the indistinct line between what is right, what is wrong, and what is acceptable.

Latent Sorrow Dir: Shon Kim. 3min. (Experimental) CA
Moving Painting #7 to reach coexistent point where abstract and figure are equally fused.

Legion: The Word Made Flesh Dir: Robert Sexton. 26min. (Narrative Short) CA
A fallen Priest tries to help a Mother free her child from a demonic curse. They are lost in an occult underground where nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted.

Limbo Room, The Dir: Debra Eisenstadt. 79min. (Feature) NY
When an on stage rape scene sparks an offstage affair the line between reality and fiction becomes blurred in this modern day drama about life in the theater and the politics of sex.

little Death, the Dir: Morgan K. Nichols. 86min. (Feature) CA
Seventeen years ago, Sam's father hid a mysterious box in the walls of apartment 1412, and now Sam has come to Los Angeles to claim it. But the rooms have been renumbered and Sam's hunt soon leads him into the world of a mysterious young woman in what is ultimately "a sinister tale of a very unmerry Christmas."

Little Victim Dir: Dean Ronalds. 8min. (Narrative Short) AZ
Whimsically dark comedy about what lies at the end of the rainbow and the diminutive measure of a man.

Mojave Phone Booth Dir: John Putch. 88min. (Feature) CA
This is the story of 4 disparate people whose lives intersect at a telephone booth, 70 miles from Las Vegas, in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

My Backyard Was A Mountain Dir: Adam Schlachter. 24min. (Narrative Short) CA
Told as the memory of an aging gentleman, this is the story of Adan, a Puerto Rican boy who has one day to find a home for his pet goat, Chivo, before his family relocates to New York City in the late 1950's. While searching for a new owner for Chivo, Adan discovers the promise of first love with his childhood friend, Denise, whom he will also have to leave behind.

Penny Dreadful Dir: Bryan Norton. 29min. (Narrative Feature) NY
Jessica and David Clausen are a young upstart couple that inherit a beautiful brownstone townhouse in NYC's West Village District. But does the house hold a terrible secret? Betsy Palmer (Friday the 13th) appears in a chilling supporting role.

Perverts, The Dir: John Gegenhuber. 30min. (TV sitcom pilot) CA
Pilot episode of the continuing story of Bob and Lorena Meagher, an attractive, happy, all-American couple living a lifestyle of unbridled sexual deviance during the "Camelot" years of the early 1960's. It's a wholesome, kinky, rough-and-tumble, no-holes-barred, knock-down-drag-out comedy about the crazy, inexplicable sh*t we do for love. (screened out of competition)

Pilar Dir: Leda Maliga. 51min. (Doc) CA
Pilar was born almost completely deaf and grew up expressing herself through her art in the hearing world. In her late 20's she participated in a study on the cochlear implant and began a journey into a world of sound. A heartfelt portrait of Pilar as she overcomes obstacles with inspiring humor and grace.

Project: B-Boy | Kujo Dir: Brad Hasse. 13min. (Doc) MA
Project: B-Boy introduces an amazing, gravity-defying, fluid, physical art form that is currently making a worldwide comeback. 'Krazy Kujo,' a partially deaf break-dancer with a fascinating perspective of life and a matching dance style, shows us why.

Question of Loyalty, A Dir: Randall Wilkins. 14min. (Narrative Short) CA
When Dr. Albert Krentz opens the door to his apartment, he doesn't realize he is about to invite more than just a stranger into his home. In the next ten minutes Dr Krentz's life will be altered forever, and all because of a question of loyalty.

Second Banana Dir: Fill Marc Sagadraca. 2min. (Animation) CA
A short character animation piece about a young ape that befriends an older crabby ape through an annoying game of mimicry.

Self-Medicated Dir: Monty Lapica. 107min. (Feature) NV
A desperate mother (Diane Venora) hires a private company to kidnap her troubled son and take him to a locked-down and corrupt psychiatric hospital where he is subjected to the secret physical and emotional abuses of the institution.

Shaken Dir: Deborah Fryer. 27min. (Doc) CO
A logical and creative young man suffering from Parkinson's disease decides that brain surgery is preferable to lying on the couch like a vegetable for the rest of his life. He undergoes a 14-hour operation that is a cross between The Bionic Man and The Far Side, with a team of doctors listening for bad cells and implanting electrodes in his head. The results are mysterious, miraculous - and heartbreaking.

Smile Dir: Chris Mais. 8min. (Animation) CA
This entertaining romp utilizes motion capture and live action techniques to relate the story of a smiley face balloon and a rubber man who team up to outwit the wicked pirate toy they share their children's playroom with.

Shovel, The Dir: Nick Childs. 15min. (Narrative Short) NY
A crime of passion. A dangerous curiosity. And a shallow grave... In a small town, some secrets are better left buried. Academy Award® nominee, David Strathern, stars.

Snapshot  Dir: Andrew Lund. 27min. (Narrative Short) NY
A famous photographer must face the reality behind his photographs or risk losing more than just his life.

Spiritual Journey, A Dir: Peter Turner. 37min. (Doc) TX
Two filmmakers travel border to border talking to ordinary Americans about their spirituality. From the Mexican Border in Texas to the Canadian border in Montana, they visit some of the most scenic and spiritual places America has to offer.

Tested, The Dir: Russell Costanzo. 29min. (Narrative Short) NY
Dre, 16, struggles with the possibilty of joining a gang. It's the last day leading up to his initiation: to shoot a total stranger in broad daylight. Is it possible for him to make the right choice, or is the whole thing bigger than he is?

Thick Dir: Ben Pierce. 9min. (Narrative Short) CA
Betrayed by one of their own, two soldiers stranded in a bitter mountain winter must work together to outwit their enemy, and stay alive.

White Space Dir: Kip Konwiser. 27min. (Doc) CA
This snowboard film that explores the personalities and lifestyle of the top professional snowboarders, and features their best jumps, highest air and newest tricks from the backcountry, pipes and parks in New Zealand, Switzerland, Utah, and South America.

Wildest Dreams Dir: Ron Strobel. 29min. (Doc) PA
Like a bull dog that won't let go, our main character risks everything, traveling to other countries to see the adventure through to its ultimate conclusion. It is a sharp-tongued narrative about solving a mystery, the risk-reward ratio, and hope.

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