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2005 film lineup


Act, The Dir: Susan Kraker & Pi Ware. 9min. (Narrative Short) CA
Rosey Marconi is a comedian with a secret.

Adopting Ginny Dir: Elizabeth Gorcey. 23min. (Doc) CA
Virginia Matthews has found her independence at 63. And now she's about to be adopted. The story of Virginia proves that a person can overcome a label & handicaps, love and be loved. From the outside this new family might look like the poster children from dysfunction, but they are more filled with love then blood ties we're born with. Meet this family. Meet Virginia.

Alone Dir: Gregory Orr. 30min. (Narrative Short) NY
In an isolated world, one man pursues the woman of his dreams. A complex and darkly funny tale of obsessive love and urban isolation.

Beneath The Cracks Dir: Gary Warder. 10min. (Doc) CA
Homeless children speak up about heavy social issues confronting them on a daily basis. Gives the viewer a glimpse of what is really going on in the streets. One and a half million kids in the US with no place to call home.

Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story Dir: Brant Sersen. 91min. (Feature) NY
Caught cheating and banned for ten years, Bobby Dukes, paintball's first superstar, returns to reclaim his title and erase the memory of his tainted past, because as the film's tagline states: "Second place is first place for losers."

Broadway Bomb: A Skateboard Race Dir: Steve Dempsey & Nick Catania. 25min. (Doc) NY
Get set for an 8 1/2 mile skateboard race through the concrete canyons of New York City, where skaters battle traffic, pedestrians and potholes with pride and passion ...but without permission. This unauthorized event was captured by a guerrilla video crew.

Buffalo Wings Dir: Sanford McCoy. 19min. (Narrative Short) NY
The return of her brother from boot camp disrupts Jana's relationship with an older man. Some almost forgotten patterns re-emerge and Jana has to make some choices between the men and herself.

Civilization Of Maxwell Bright, The Dir: David Beaird. 113min. (Feature) CA
Max Bright's relationships with women are explosive and cruel, so he resolves to find his fantasy woman: demure, submissive, and obedient, and he buys a Chinese mail-order bride. When Mai Ling arrives, she attempts to awaken the peaceful 'Buddha' in Max as he introduces her to American luxury, carnality, and freedom.

Command Z Dir: Candy Kugel and Vincent Cafarelli. 4.5min. (Animation) NY
This fun short explores the benefit of being able to "undo" actions in real life as easily as you can on a computer.

Conscientious Objector, The Dir: Terry L. Benedict. 102min. (Doc) TN
A true story of an American Patriot/Soldier, who was Awarded the Medal of Honor, for his acts of bravery, serving as a Medic during World War II.

Contrapunto Dir: Jean-Pierre Jacquet. 2min. (Animation) CT
In a Buenos-Aires barrio, a dancing couple explore the intimacy of an Argentine tango: a sound, a scent, a gesture, a look, a smile, a tear, a trembling body, nervous hands, a sense of implied trust and respect, all emotions set in motion by the music.

Drive, The Dir: Steven Morrow. 14min. (Narrative Short) CA
Rachel Morgans, a college age sorority girl, finds herself stranded in the dessert with two flat tire. With no cell service she's forced to seek help, instead finds herself in a struggle for survival.

Earth Dir: Jihyun Song. 1.5min. (Experimental) IL
Natural materials are transformed into diverse kinds of living beings on Earth. The transforming movement takes its motive from natural phenomenon, such as wave, rain, and wind.

Echo Dir: Steve Wood. 4min. (Experimental) IL
In 1974, a radio transmission was sent from Earth into space, in hopes of reaching an alien civilization. Something was listening... and it's calling back.

Firecracker Dir: Steve Balderson. 112min. (Feature) KS
Bold and shocking true-to-life tale of murder in small town Kansas. Set against the stark beauty of Middle America, this astonishing story of abuse, suffering and denial reveals dreams of escape. The inevitable confrontation unleashes the truth concealed behind the pleasant façade of small-town U.S.A. The film pulls no punches nor hides from the ugliness that mars reality. It also reveals in its imagery a vividness and majesty that transcends mere mortality, exploding the myth of Middle America's sanctity and piety, while opening the door to atonement.

Flotsam & Jetsam Dir: David Allen Wade. 3min. (Animation) TN
Comical allegory about the value of confronting the mundane. Two "trashy" yet surreal characters embody the classic interaction between pessimist and optimist. The resulting exchange is a pensive and playful animation.

Guess Who's Coming Dir: David Levy. 7min. (Narrative Short) NY / CA
In the spirit of the Brothers Grimm, this film is a contemporary fairy tale with a subversive subtext. Across the nation, a pale stranger disappears children from their parents, leaving no trace of them, not even a memory. As the Stranger creeps from house to house, his sinister purpose is gradually revealed, creating a dark new take on a familiar story.

Heroin Town Dir: Josh Goldbloom. 82min. (Documentary) PA
This compelling documentary asks the question: Would "60 Minutes" have any reason to manipulate or distort a story? More importantly, how would the city it scandalized respond?
"The Hotel Hooker, once a charming rooming house, now a decaying shambles - and within its closed doors, the epicenter of the country's worst scourge: heroin."

Hitch Hiker, The Dir: M. Anthony Jackson. 29min. (Animation) CA
In this haunting visual adaptation, we are introduced to Ronald Adams. A man who, during a cross country trip, is slowly driven to question his own sanity.

Horror Business Dir: Christopher P. Garetano. 82min. (Doc) NY
This visually unique and candidly energetic docudrama is a journey into the works and lives of struggling independent horror filmmakers and the bizarre culture that drives them. It also includes interviews of many current and classic cult film personalities.

Interlude, An Dir: Christopher Hlas. 12min. (Narrative Short) OH
A woman's near death experience results in her life flashing before her in a rhythmic and musical sequence, which chronologically connects simple past experiences to her present encounter with danger.

Lift Dir: Hugues Dalton & Jeff Garton. 30min. (Narrative Short) PA
How far would you go to win the woman of your dreams? You're a lift operator. She's afraid of elevators.

Miles Ahead Dir: Dylan Trivette and Matt Zboyovski. 83min. (Feature) NC
Set against the beautiful and sometimes haunting backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this film is a visually striking look into the life of a young aspiring writer struggling to overcome the solace of his hometown in the wake of his best friend's death.

My Purple Fur Coat Dir: Kathryn Ann Busby. 12.5min. (Narrative Short) CA
When a clever girl persuades her father to buy her a purple fur coat, she's thrilled, until her schoolmates make her regret her bold fashion choice. All seems lost until an angry dog runs off with the controversial garment, granting our heroine a chance to undo her glaring fashion don't.

Pee Shy Dir: Deb Hagan. 15min. (Narrative Short) CA
A boy becomes so frightened by his scout leader's campfire stories that he humiliates himself one night, and becomes the object of the scout leader's vicious humor... until the troop encounters something truly terrifying in the woods.

Piece By Piece Dir: Nic Hill. 75min. (Doc) CA
A feature length documentary on San Francisco's illustrious graffiti history told by those who lived the life. This documentary submerges you in the misunderstood culture revealing the development of the art, unto its hay-day and struggles. Not since Style Wars has a film offered such a concise representation on Americas first youth born culture and the hottest art form of the century.

Pillow Girl Dir: Ronnie Cramer. 8min. (Experimental) CO
The film makes use of scanned covers and inside pages of a number of lurid, vintage paperbacks and magazines, with each illustration morphing into the next every two seconds (each cover is visible in its original state for only 1/30th of a second). During the course of the film, over 200 covers are presented in this fashion.

Pip Dir: Justin Sullivan. 45min. (Doc) NY
Ask most rappers why they rap and they'll tell you it's because they talk well. But what if talking couldn't have less to do with it? 'Pip' follows one New York rapper who never had a choice.

Put The Needle On The Record Dir: Jason Rem. 83min. (Documentary) CA
Every March for the past eighteen years over 30,000 electronic music industry professionals and enthusiasts from across the globe descend upon Miami's South Beach for the annual Winter Music Conference. For this one week Miami becomes a non-stop 144 hour party where the lines between music business and social interaction are blurred completely. This documentary used this incredible opportunity to interview over 45 of the top artists and executives in electronic music to define how this multi-faceted genre has evolved from early underground beginnings in the mid-80's to the global phenomenon that it is today.

Resurrection Dir: Mitchell Lichtenstein. 10min. (Narrative Short) NY
A young boy lives with his alcoholic mother in suburban isolation. When he finds her dead on the living room couch, he makes a reckless decision and a break for freedom. But the dawn brings regret and an unexpected outcome.

Safety Dir: David Baeumler. 9min. (Experimental) MA
From our disaster proof Eastern cities, through vast, impenetrable grain fields, to the fortress shores of our Pacific coast - America is finally safe.

Shadow Of Liberty Dir: Geoff Adams. 14min. (Narrative Short) MA
An authentic Colonial Reenactivist crashes the Boston Tea Party.

She Sank On Shallow Bank Dir: Clifton Childree & Nikki Rollason. 12min. (Experimental) FL
A beautiful and haunting tale that harkens back to early surrealistic filmmaking about a washed up girl and her postmortem adventure.

Smartcard Dir: James Oxford. 16min. (Narrative Short) CA
This is a story about a man who realizes that his perfect automated life is not in his control, but the corporation that created the system. After the discovery, does he have the will left to escape?

Sons Of Thunder Dir: Steven Morrow. 9.5min. (Narrative Short) CA
This WWII drama unfolds in the trenches of Pacific theater. The men of the fifty first airborne division try to coming to grips with the loss of a fellow soldier. They prepare themselves for their possible deaths.

Spandex: A Father's Tale Dir: Matthew Manson. 21min. (Narrative Short) NY
Lindsey's father George has a secret. He's always down in the basement, putting on makeup and listening to old records. Lindsey has suspicions... But when Lindsey's music teacher threatens to fail him, George must overcome the tragic secret in his past, and wear the spandex and lipstick he vowed to leave behind, to teach his son how to rock - hard.

Staring At The Sun Dir: Toby Wilkins. 19min. (Narrative Short) CA
When a fortune teller refuses to reveal her vision of a man's future, he becomes so obsessed with knowing the answer that he unwittingly fulfills his fate.

Static Dir: Daniel Weintraub. 17min. (Narrative Short) NY
Convinced he may be the last man on earth, a man searches for signs of life, unaware that he is being watched.

Stranger: Bernie Worrell On Earth Dir: Philip Di Fiore. 40min. (Doc) NY
Music as we know it would not exist without Bernie Worrell. While he lives in virtual anonymity he has been compared to Beethoven, Charlie Parker and Jimi Hendrix. If they lived today would they be in danger of fading from the book of musical history? Worrell is. Featuring David Byrne, George Clinton, Mos Def, Bootsy Collins and more...

Unbroken Dir: Brad Furman. 4min. (Narrative Short) CA
A young woman confronts her worst fears after being sexually assaulted.

Vision, The Dir: Jacqueline Lesko. 17.5min. (Narrative Short) CA
Hell hath no fury like a woman locked inside her cheating boyfriend's apartment! So many choices, so little time.

Waking Dreams Dir: John Daschbach. 24min. (Narrative Short) NY
Is the office temp psychic or crazy? A corporate executive (Ben Shenkman) is shaken out of his humdrum existence and forced to ponder his fate when an enigmatic woman (Tina Holmes) shares her vision that his tropical vacation will end in bloody carnage.

We All Fall Down Dir: Jake Kennedy. 14min. (Narrative Short) CA
A drunken joyride turns tragic when a group of college kids accidentally run over a schoolgirl. Desperate to cover up the accident, they dismember the girl and bury her body in a remote abandoned building. Five years later, upon hearing the building is slated for demolition, they journey back to the grisly tomb to move the corpse, only to find an angry soul intent on bloody revenge.

While The Widow Is Away Dir: Adam Reid. 19min. (Narrative Short) NY
Never have two people had less in common... A lonely widow living on Manhattan's Upper West Side and the greasy building super who suffers her beck and call. As an old baby grand piano collects dust, a mysterious house guest makes himself at home.

Winning The Peace Dir: Eli Kaufman. 18min. (Narrative Short) CA
An Iraqi-American Marine returns to Iraq to redeem his place of birth, only to destroy the very people he hoped to save.

Winter Sea Dir: Erika Tasini. 25min. (Narrative Short) CA
A secretive woman's intimate relationship to her brother is threatened when an unexpected guest shows up for dinner at their eccentric mother's house.

Wish For A Forgotten Country, A Dir: Sharon Dennis. 28min. (Doc) OH
What hospitals in the United States throw away can be used to help save lives. This shows how much these supplies are needed.

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