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30 Miles Dir: Ronnie Cramer. 4min. (Experimental) CO
Two time-lapse accounts of the same 30-mile trip; taken 23 years apart, and presented in a syncronized manner via split-screen. The individual films document the change in terrain, construction, etc., as well as the changes in film/video technology between 1980 and today.

Able Edwards Dir: Graham Robertson. 74min. (Feature) CA
This groundbreaking, sci-fi motion picture has the distinction of being the first feature to employ the total use of greenscreens and digital desktop technology to create the 'virtual' sets that its characters inhabit. Paying homage to Orson Welles' Citizen Kane, in both its structural approach and its visual style, the story unfolds in the future, as the clone of a famous entertainment mogul is created to revive the glory days of his deceased predecessor's corporation. In the process of restoring reality entertainment to a synthetic, virtual world, the clone realizes he has yet to live as his own man. Executive produced by Steven Soderbergh.

All Nighter Dir: Frank Lewallen. 19min. (Narrative Short) NY
The time is 1983, on the eve of the September War in Beirut, Lebanon. This is an honest, rare, and raw look at one night in the life of two U.S. Marine grunts, at a time when the American serviceman was still unpopular and unsupported, at home and abroad.

AutonomousLESs Dir: Mark Landry. 9min. (Narrative Short) CA
LES has just discovered that he is the product of a government experiment producing the first human clone. On the run from government agents and public outrage, LES must struggle with questions of his own identity.

Big Time Dir: Geofrey Hildrew. 29min. (Narrative Short) CA
Richard Blunderbore, a gentle giant (Matthew McGrory), works in his parents' hardware store, dreaming of becoming a stand-up comedian. But when opportunity arises, Richard must search his soul to decide if his fate lies in the hands of a struggling young agent , or a seedy carnival overlord (Curtis Armstrong). The superb cast of recognizable faces includes David Lynch-fave, Michael J. Anderson.

Birdhouses Dir: Sam Goetz. 15min. (Narrative Short) NY
Dave is so lonely he could cry. He lives in his sister's garage, watches old tapes of the 60's variety show 'Hee Haw,' and paints birdhouses. One day his sister and her family leave on vacation and Dave is left to watch the house. The next door neighbor comes over to introduce herself, and he falls in love. They bond over corny jokes, Hee Haw, and lonelyness. If you've seen enough romantic comedies, you can probably guess what happens next.

Broken Dir: Paco Farias. 14min. (Narrative Short) CA
An exciting first date sends a passionate couple to the emergency room...twice! A true story.

Can I Explain? Dir: Barry Shaw. 6min. (Narrative Short) CA
Real-life father and son, Jason and Ty Gedrick, star in this powerful little drama about a young boy trying to cope with his father's departure to war.

Children of Sonrise, The Dir: Sharon Dennis. 17min. (Doc) OH
They are children who suffered the most and it will be up to them to help save a nation. Ten years after a million people were murdered in Rwanda, it is a country still struggling. But there is hope and it comes from some of the youngest victims.

Christmas Party, The Dir: Jeremiah Kipp. 20min. (Narrative Short) NY
Introspective 9-year-old Gabriel is dropped off at a Christmas party run by a local minister and his wife, who decide to save him. As the children sing unfamiliar Christmas carols and pray as a group, Gabriel finds himself poised between a traumatic experience and a moment of hope.

Clean Dir: Nyle Cavazos Garcia. 105min. (Feature) CA
A limousine driver for the Hollywood elite is exposed to the darker side of celebrity: sex, addiction, money, fame, greed, lies, power, and betrayal. He is unwillingly led into his own downward spiral and slowly realizes that he may be the driver, but he's not in control.

Detention Dir: Eric Gross. 10min. (Narrative Short) NY
Who will win the battle between a boy, his reckless imagination, a chin-high stack of standardized tests, and next day's chemistry lesson?

Don't Nobody Love The Game More Than Me Dir: Martha Pinson. 10min. (Narrative Short) NY
Four slightly over-the-hill guys finish a basketball game on their New York neighborhood court. A debate develops about who loves the game the most. It becomes a meditation on dedication, pride, and basketball.

Feelin' No Pain Dir: Josh Aronson. 80min. (Doc) NY
Kenny Vance, founder of Jay and the Americans, starts a rock band in his 50s to renew his childhood passion. Kenny also searches other paths for his mid-life plea for happiness, in this startling documentary by the Academy Award-nominated filmmaker, Josh Aronson.

Fight Night Dir: Derek J. W. Wybourn. 71min. (Feature) NY
Blood, broken bones and scars, it's all part of being an illegal underground fighter, but for L.G., Jeremy, and Conrado there is much more to it. You find out from them it's a way out, its a way to support a family, and a way to carry on a tradition. However, Mack and Napoleon, the two men running the fights for their own gambling web site, see the kids as nothing more than a cheap commodity, expendable, and an easy way to entertain their online audience.

Forgotten, The Dir: Vincente Stasolla. 91min. (Feature) NY
October, 1950 (North Korea) - As the war intensifies, a young soldier and his tank crew find themselves isolated from the company. Fighting against unseen enemies and waning spirits, Corporal Byrne and his men crisscross the landscape in search of allies. Struggling with his faith in the face of this chaos, William must lead his men to safety and - with hope - to those they've left behind.

Golddigger's Rush, The Dir: Lucas Peltronen. 23min. (Narrative Short) NY
This is the story of two groups of estranged siblings who separately decide to heist their father's house when they find out that he married a golddigger. To each pair's shock and horror, they run into each other at the house during their respective heists, effectively catching each other in the act.

Gravity Dir: Erik Weigel. 17min. (Narrative Short) CA
Set in 1944, this film is a visually stunning account of two enemies suspended 30 feet high, in a forest in war torn France. Over the course of a night, it becomes clear that their struggle for survival depends on each other.

Hold The Anchovies Dir: Barry Duffield. 5min. (Animation) WA
There's no such thing as a free pizza. An animated political satire centered around the US conflict with Iraq, utilizing characters representing the current and past Presidencies of the United States and their various responses to the conflict.

Home For The Holidays Dir: Michael Mazzola. 10min. (Doc) CA
Teen-age director, Michael Mazzola, courageously hits the streets of Los Angeles with a thought-provoking glance at the homeless, using popular music to further define the moods and the moments of loneliness experienced by the selected individuals depicted here.

Human Shield Dir: Debra Hussong. 22min. (Doc) FL
In February, 2003, about 300 'human shields' from 30 countries including the United States, mobilized in Iraq for what would become a futile mission to prevent an invasion. 62-year old, Sarasota, Florida resident, Faith Fippenger, and 23-year old Philadelphian, Benjamin Joffe-Walt, were human shields in Iraq. Thiis a compelling story about the 2003 U.S. Iraqi invasion, told through a human shield's eyes.

I Cannot Understand You Dir: David Baeumler. 6min. (Experimental) NY
Don't fear life's misunderstandings. Let a philosophical tape recorder guide you through a world of fireworks, flowers, and thrill rides.

Ingrate, The Dir: Krystoff Przykucki. 14min. (Narrative Short) CA
A struggling Immigrant filmmaker (Andrea Di Stefano) sues the US Government for defaulting on the American Dream. Academy Award-winner, Kathy Bates, stars as the Judge.

Interference Dir: Lauren Hollingsworth. 10min. (Narrative Short) CA
A female private investigator is hired to follow a woman who's cheating on her husband. When she discovers that the woman is being abused by her new boyfriend, she tries to intervene, but everything goes terribly wrong.

Joey Dir: Shaun MacGillivray. 6min. (Doc) CA
An 11-year-old boy named Joey has a rare genetic skin deginerative disease called EB. The disease causes blistering on the inside and outside of his skin, which does not heal and leads to webbing of the fingers and the toes. The disease only gets worse and, as of now, there is no cure. But the film is more about his passions, his insecurities, and how he copes with his disease, rather than the disease itself.

Juvies Dir: Leslie Neale. 66min. (Doc) CA
In the last ten years, the number of youth doing time in adult prisons has tripled. Through the personal stories of 12 kids being tried as adults, this gripping documentary, narrated by Mark Wahlberg, explores the impact of America's failing juvenile justice system.

Living With Lou Dir: Steven Morrow. 4min. (Narrative Short) CA
On a motion picture set, the 1st assistant director runs the show. But how he behaves when he's unemployed has been a mystery...until now. In their own words, a typical American family describes what it's like 'Living With Lou.'

Lonely Place Dir: Kevin Ackerman. 30min. (Narrative Short) CA
Fresno, California, 1949. On the farm and in the fields. Stella (Academy Award nominee, Tess Harper) and her husband, Emery (Kurtwood Smith), work hard just to keep the farm afloat. When Jesse (Tomas Arana), drifter with an agenda all his own, secures a job on the farm, Stella's forced to reconsider Love's role in the institution of Marriage. Heartland Noir!

Messengers Dir: Philip Farha. 96min. (Feature) NY
Michele Hicks stars as Sarah Chapel, a young doctor investigating strange symptoms amongst her father's former patients on a forgotten Island off Manhattan. These everyday people complain of a peculiar affliction for which he had been prescribing industrial amounts of speed. But the 'illness' is nothing but exceptionally good health...combined with a strange side effect: They are terrified of sleep. Digging deeper into the unusual atmosphere of this town, Sarah embarks on a spiralling odyssey that ultimately forces her to abandon all rationality.

Mimmo & Paulie Dir: Domenic Silipo. 28min. (Narrative Short) NY
Two lifelong friends discover that they don't know each other as well as they thought they did.

Miracolo Dir: Chris Dreschler. 4min. (Narrative Short) CT
The magic surrounding a Franciscan miracle goalie is dispelled when, under the watchful eye of the Vatican, he's decisively scored on.

Mummy an' the Armadillo, The Dir: J.S. Cardone. 100min. (Feature) CA
This powerful ensemble character piece takes place one stormy night in the Armadillo Cafe, an old roadside attraction along the desolate and deserted Route 66. When a stranger with a secret stops at the cafe, she ignites a desperate encounter with its residents; and the psychological struggle of life and death that ensues reveals a family's tragic past. The superb cast includes: Betty Buckley, Lori Heuring, Clare Kramer, Busy Phillips, Brad Renfro, and Johnathon Schaech.

October Dir: Peter Vogt. 3min. (Experimental) WA
This is a film about the afterimage of life left on our retinas after the afterlife begins.

On A Single Breath: The Extreme Sport of Freediving Dir: Thomas Strodel. 52min. (Doc) NY
Shot entirely in strikingly beautiful hi-def, this documentary follows the quest of 52-year old Annabel Briseno as she attempts four world records in one week. As the week unfolds it becomes clear that a world record in free diving is a precarious agreement of mind, body, and sea that sometimes collapses violently.

Peter Dir: Doug Stewart & Patrick Stewart. 31min. (Doc) NY
An intimate and often funny portrait of Peter Lewis, a charismatic man with Hydrocephalus,who has overcome great obstacles on the way to becoming the resident personality of New Canaan, CT. Diagnosed with Hydrocephalus at birth, a rare brain defect considered untreatable at the time, Peter was given only five years to live. The doctors rendered him a 'vegetable' and had him institutionalized. Fifty years later, Peter celebrates his independence and is on a first name basis with almost everyone in town.

Pope Leo Electrocutes An Elephant Dir: John Hansen. 3min. (Experimental) SD
The title tells the tale. Pope Leo electrocutes an elephant.

Punching Hitler Dir: Edward S. Marks. 13min. (Narrative Short) CA
What if you could travel in time? What if you could go anywhere and anywhen? What if you were drunk off your ass when you did it? This is the film that finally answers those questions and more…

Quintessence Dir: Dustin Schell. 25min. (Narrative Short) NY
Thomas and Ruth search the wintry landscape in hopes of finding Jason, a dying man. Helpless, they are forced to spend the long night in a remote cabin together, facing their unresolved feelings in his absence. Through the meeting of these two strangers, the truth about a life is revealed.

Rocketscience Dir: Alexander Vassilopoulos. 28min. (Narrative Short) NY
Three generations of deranged geniuses struggle to build their dream...A homemade, thirty-foot-tall nuclear-powered rocketship. Spielberg style meets Ed Wood sensibilities in this homespun midwestern tale about boys who grow up too fast, men who never grow up, and rocketships that can't quite get off the ground.

RockFish Dir: Tim Miller. 9min. (Animation) CA
Comic book-influenced, high adventure tale set on a barren planet in a distant corner of the galaxy. Sirius Kirk is a no-nonsense working man tasked with rounding up creatures that swim through rocks far below the planet's surface and plague the miners who live and work there. The story starts out as just another day on the job for Kirk but quickly turns into a titanic struggle with the catch of his life.

Scream Queen Dir: Tatiana Bliss. 87min. (Feature) CA
A timeless fairy tale about a B-Horror movie actress (Liz Lavoie) who is forced to act in an independent digital video feature that is being directed by her biggest fan. While shooting in the Mojave Desert, the 'scream queen' is befriended by the crazy crew, falls in love, and learns to respect herself.

Screw Dir: Sam Rider. 18min. (Narrative Short) NY
In the backwoods of a rundown farm a passing solicitor gives the hope of a romance to a matchmaking mother and her crippled son.

Sinkhole Dir: Paul Schattel. 98min. (Feature) NC
Detailing the dark underbelly of small town corruption and intrigue, this film tells the story of Jason Griffin, a disgraced high school English teacher dismissed due to alleged romantic relations with an underage student. When Jason, now working at the local landfill, discovers the body of a young woman among the refuse, he sets in motion a chain of events that ends in violence and emotional devastation.

Something Fishy Dir: Thahn Nguyen. 4min. (Animation) CA
Fishing is the only sport where one player doesn't know that he's playing. In this light, humorous commentary, we see an individual's never-ending quest to catch the 'big one.' An unsavory fisherman catches the 'big one' and discovers that he is the bait.

Sonata Dir: Boris Undorf. 89min. (Feature) CA
Megan Fergus (Nicole DuPort) is raised in isolation by her mother, Samantha Fergus (Annie Scott Rogers), an author of children's fairy tales whose popularity has dwindled. Raised in a world of make-believe, Megan's child-like understanding of the world clashes with her blossoming desires as a woman. When Megan receives a love letter from someone she claims to have never met, the line separating the world of fantasy and reality fades away with devastating results.

Still Life Dir: Andre Lyon. 4.5min. (Animation) FL
An ambitious Parisian painter discovers an appealing still-life scene and selects it as the subject for his prospective 'masterpiece.' However, as he works to capture the image on his canvas, he finds that his subjects are repeatedly rearranging themselves whenever he turns away.

Sweet Antony Dir: Gerrit Vooren. 10min. (Narrative Short) NY
When Antony tries his luck at winning the hearts of ladies by creating a 'video personal' for himself, he is forced to open up emotionally by the overly anxious and pompous 'video guy' who gets him on tape - and most of it happens with truly hilarious results.

Ten Dir: Scott Smith. 3.5min. (Narrative Short) IL
A man haphazardly commits the top 10 mortal sins, and all before breakfast. A tongue in cheek interpretation of Biblical scripture in modern times, this film illustrates the pitfalls, and pratfalls, involved in the ease of breaking not just one, but all ten of the commandments.

Turn Back Now Dirs: Stefano Ryznik & David Murphy 15min. (Narrative Short) CA
Partialy based on actual events, this film's edgy style draws you into the world of Solomon Travi and his love, Becky. Through an emotionally driven storyline, you witness the course of events that unfold after Solomon takes on the case of a client he should have refused. He had it all: a beautiful girl, polo ponies, and material wealth. Through creative use of cinematography and lighting, the directing team of Riznyk and Murphy snare you into the depths of Solomon's soul as it all hangs in the balance. What happed to Solomon can happen to anyone; it can happen to you.

Untitled: 003-Embryo Dir: Mike Goedecke. 30min. (Narrative Short) CA
An agoraphobic man receives a dream capture/playback device in the mail and his life derails into madness.

Where Angels Fear To Tread Dir: Mark Vicente. 39min. (Doc) WA
Drawing inspiration from the music of the sixties, seventies, and eighties, 'Angels' is a riveting, rapid-fire rockumentary that crucifies acceptable social oppression and takes to task the lies propagated by world religions and multinational corporations. This film deals with the three things one is never supposed to talk about in polite company: Politics, Religion, and Sex.

Wrong Way Up Dir: Gabriel Hardman. 10min. (Narrative Short) CA
To Matt and James, $5,000 for smuggling a box of endangered tarantulas into the United States sounds like easy money. The biggest investment is a cardboard box, deli cups, and a conversational knowlege of Spanish. Everything is working beautifully, from navigating Mexico's exotic animal markets to crossing a lonely stretch of border. Everything, right up until their car goes over a cliff on a winding desert road and their lives are turned the 'wrong way up.'

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