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B-Reel Trailer, The Dir: Christopher Frieri. 3min. (Experimental)
Out-takes from the feature film, "Golliwog's Cake-Walk," featuring New York's East Village beauties and original music by Plato Van De Graff

Benny Mardones: The Man Who Would Be King Dirs: Will Keenan & Greg Ross. 25min. (Doc)
Benny Mardones, a one-hit wonder from the '80s pop music scene loses it all when he literally turns the tables on his record label executive who banishes him from the music industry, but definitely not from Syracuse, NY, where Mardones becomes a superstar of legendary proportions

Black Days Dirs: Ari Margolis & James Morley III. 80min. (Feature)
The classic story of "angst ridden artist meets psychotic misanthrope" takes a grisly, yet esoteric turn in this darkly comedic exploration of the film noir genre.

Cicadas Dir: Kat Candler. 92min. (Feature)
A young girl, coming-of-age while assuming responsibility for her parents, brothers, and even classmates, finds herself growing more and more distant from everyone, except for the one boy she knows she should stay away from. Finding strength in loss, love from tragedy, and trust after betrayal, she emerges stronger and feeling more liberated than ever before.

Cowboy Dir: Jane Gaffney. (Work In Progress - Feature)
Two women become friends through unconventional circumstances. They struggle to forget past disappointments and search for perfection against the chaotic backdrop of New York City.

Crazy Like The Taz Dir: Scott Barlow. 10min. (Narrative Short)
Dale Phillips has more than a passing interest in the cartoon character, the Tazmanian Devil. The fact is, he is obsessed with 'The Taz,' and without realizing it, his obsession replaces reality and totally occupies his life.

Creation, The Dir: Deb Lucke. 12min. (Narrative Short)
A sidewalk artist draws God from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel on the streets of New York. He gets in a fight trying to protect his art and God comes to life to save his creator and complete the drawing

Guns R Us Dir: Andrew Calder. 6min. (Doc)
Hate. Violence. Guns... or Apple Pie? Armed school children! I have a dream. "I am violently opposed to... oh, I dunno... killing." A random shooting on the opinions of Americans.

In The Ether Dir: William Miller. 5min. (Experimental)
Lost in the horizons of our imagination are the elements of our daily existence that trap us 'in the ether,' a state of walking slumber. Through our journey of self-discovery we reconnect our conscious with our subconscious awaking into a brighter reality.

In The Pocket Dir: Kurt Mercer. 9min. (Narrative Short) Saturday night, standing room only, cocktails aflow ... the crowd waits. Integrity and friendship weigh against common sense and the cold-hearted dollar as the front man and his trumpet player clash over compromising their music to satisfy an agreement with the club's management.

Lethal Force Dir: Alvin Ecarma. 70min. (Feature)
After his wife is murdered and his son kidnapped, a gangster is forced to betray his best friend - a deadly killer, in this action-packed send-up of action/adventure/kung-fu movies.

Lonely, The Dirs: Bruno Derlin & Mark Doyle. 17min. (Narrative Short)
Trilogy of gothic romance tales set in modern day about a man whose search for love and companionship takes him through a dream world where 'creatures of the night' reign. Inspired by Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" and LeFanu's "Carmilla." (screened out of competition)

Loop Dreams: The Making of a Low-Budget Movie Dir: Harvey Hubbell V. 72min. (Doc)
Director Hubbell candidly chronicles the making of the low budget feature film, "BlackMale," while performing his duties of first assistant director, with some very funny results.

Lovers, The Dir: Francesca Rizzo. 9min. (Narrative Short)
Two barflies looking for companionship find themselves in a drunken stupor, watching old reruns of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" at a local, neighborhood bar.

Meemo Dir: Joe La Penna. 11min. (Narrative Short)
A touching portrait of two people and the friendship and love they've shared for more than fifty years, as it is juxtaposed over images of their dour final days.

Midsummer Dir: James Kerwin. 18min. (Work In Progress)
In this edgy adaptation of a classic Shakespearean tale, a young man must come to terms with his feelings for his best friend - a beautiful, but manipulative girl who finds herself torn between him and her fiancè.

Ouroborous Dir: Robert Karol. 9min. (Experimental)
This hauntingly surreal visionary tale follows a day in the life of depressed young man, as he is drawn to a mysterious book he finds on the street, which pulls him into a nightmarish world.

passing stones Dir: Roger Majkowski. 91min. (Feature)
The story of man, God, and family and how the three should never meet. A thirty year-old paper boy embarks with his two brothers on a journey to track down a message from God sent in the form of a suicide note.

Radioman Dir: Uri Makovski. 18min. (Experimental/Animation)
Professor Runge, a brilliant scientist, has discovered a way to communicate with an ethereal parallel dimension where anything that was ever broadcast still exists in a sort of 'radioether' world. But when he tries to convince society of his discovery, he is ridiculed and rejected, thus compelled to embark on a dangerous mission to the radioworld, which unfortunately, may be a one-way trip.

Rewind America Dir: Mark McLaughlin. 47min. (Doc)
From the shocking to the bizarre, America's homegrown museums are filled with oddball artifacts, lovingly displayed and ready to enlighten and amuse. This is a tour through strange museums and a study of the outlandish curators who run them.

Roosevelt Island: Land Without Dogs Dir: Jeff Picket. 16min. (Doc)
The island's unique history is examined, focusing on its steadfast anti-dog sentiment.

Saving Sheba Dir: Eli Kabillio. 44min. (Doc)
While working on a documentary intended to unveil truths behind 'alternative' medicinal practices, Eli learns that his longtime canine friend, Sheba, has cancer. Determined to help her battle the disease, he embarks on a journey of research that not only prolongs the dog's life, but opens his eyes to aspects of himself that give him some welcome new perspectives.

Skid Row 2000 Dir: Pascal Franchot. 7min. (Doc)
A journey through downtown Los Angeles on Election Day, this is a glimpse of an American subculture that is very easy to forget about, but is certainly not going away.

Stuffed Dir: Sara Mast. 6min. (Doc)
A glimpse at the grisly art of taxidermist Simon Romero, a modern day Lazarus who gives new "life" to the dead.

Supertalk Dir: Adam Reist. (Narrative Short)
Superheroes calling Dr. Flora's self-help radio show for advice are treated to harsh doses of her version of "tough love." Her blithely ignorant counseling soon has them all almost undone, with many of their identities and fears revealed forever.

This Thing Right Here! Dir: Bruno Derlin. 18min. (Work In Progress)
A mock-doc following the elusive Money Casciolini & The Other Guy, sibling talent scouts, who claim to have worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. They put their reputations on the line when they decide to make a 'special' holiday CD themselves, with often hilarious results. (screened out of competition)

True Rights: The Director's Cut Dir: Meg Thayer. 90min. (Feature)
This raucous social satire probes directly into the public's fascination with Shock TV and reality programming. The film follows the rise of two true-story vultures - a Phen Phen-popping Valley matron and an alleged Juliard actor with a behavioral disorder - as they sweep Los Angeles looking for the next great Shock TV story.

Undone Dir: Kandeyce Jordan. 15min. (Narrative Short)
A woman's curiosity is pushed too far and she ends up in a heap of Los Angeles nightlife trash... literally, where she's discovered by three kidnappers mired in their own failure.

Unpredictable Thing, An Dir: Rhonda Keyser. 6min. (Narrative Short)
Written as a monologue by Tom Noonan for director Keyser months before she was attacked in the subway, this is a chilling piece of memory, struggle, and triumph, about a woman who confesses her loss of control of everything, to a room full of silent professionals.

Video 1: Get Addicted Dir: Joshua Gabriel. 7min. (Experimental)
New York artist/musician/filmmaker Joshua Gabriel's visual collage set to music showcases his drawings and gritty images from the streets of New York, giving insight into the external environment, which informs and inspires his work.

Warplay Dir: Bryan Lefler. 12min. (Narrative Short)
Fascinated with media, a young boy learns too late that imaginary play turned violent can blur the lines of reality.

What A Girl Wants Dirs: Matthew Buzzell/Elizabeth Massie/Jacob Bricca. 30min. (Doc)
In the Spring of 2000, eleven girls and two classrooms of students were interviewed about the impact of media culture on their lives. These are their thoughts.

White Face Dir: Brian McDonald. 14min. (Narrative Short)
This mockumentary explores the problems clowns might have if they were a real race of people living in America, as it follows the lives of three Clown-Americans and their families, each from a different strata of society White Rose, The Dir: Nathan Nazario. 12min. (Narrative Short) A homeless man encounters a "special" friend who sends him on a magical journey. Inspired by a poem by Cuban icon Jose` Marti.

Whoa Dir: Maurice A. Dwyer. 7min. (Narrative Short)
Harlem's mean streets. As the soundtrack plays "Watch Ya Back," a young man runs through the streets, glancing back, afraid. In a flashback that same day, we see him walk past three young toughs who watch him enter a convenience store. They stare in after him. When he leaves, they give chase and he runs for his life. Why are they chasing him? What's he done? What waits at the end? Whoa.

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